The Philadelphia Fusion are the city’s first professional esports franchise and compete in the global Overwatch League. The team reflects the makeup of the City of Brotherly Love and delivers on the brand’s promise – a ‘Fusion’ of players and coaches from around the world.

Proudly representing the Orange and Black, the Fusion were the assumed underdogs throughout their inaugural season. After an incredible display of perseverance, the Fusion advanced to the first-ever Grand Finals in 2018 and finished the season in second place.

The team competed in Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, a custom designed esports venue in Burbank, CA, in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, they hosted their first ever homestand matches at the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House.

Philadelphia Fusion players preparing between rounds after winning a map at Blizzard Arena.
Fans cheering on the Fusion during a match watch party in Philadelphia.Philadelphia Fusion player practicing his Overwatch skills in the team’s training room.
Poko addresses the crowd following a Battle of Brotherly Love homestand matchPhiladelphia Fusion players walking together
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